The following reviews have been provided by current or former clients: 

"I recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Ayd who truly helped me to see myself in a new light. From the moment I started the session, I felt a sense of warmth and acceptance that made me feel instantly at ease. 

Janette took the time to truly listen to my concerns and challenges and helped me to identify patterns of thinking and behavior that were holding me back. But even more than that, she helped me to see my own unique strengths and qualities that I had never fully appreciated before. 

Through our sessions together, I learned to love and appreciate myself in a way that has made a huge difference in my life. I feel more confident, more empowered, and more resilient than ever before. I'm so grateful to have had the experience of working with this amazing psychologist. 

Thank you so much – I would highly recommend Janette to anyone who is looking for a compassionate and skilled therapist to help them through life's challenges and reach their full potential.'  -  MVK

"I have been to a number of therapists throughout my life, but Dr. Ayd stands out as superior.  She not only has a great amount of experience, but she is kind and empathetic.  She has a good understanding of people and listens.  Her compassion means the world to me and I am blessed to have been referred to her by a friend."

"The time that I have spent in therapy with Janette Ayd has been a process of dealing with loss and bereavement after the death of my wife, giving up my family home, and retirement, all of which happened in a brief period of time. I have come to better understand and accept these events, the importance of living, and my right to do so.

I have also learned about setting healthy boundaries, not something I did very well in the past, dealing with issues of aging and changing health, and planning for and anticipating a future. When I remember my original reasons for seeking therapy and examine where I am now, I am particularly aware of the evolving process of change.

I especially appreciate Janette's warm, welcoming presence, her ready understanding, and her support and reinforcement. She has helped me to recognize issues in my life which have not always been positive and has empowered me to make meaningful changes. When I think about where I might have been without therapy, I am all the more certain about its importance in my life."

"Our time in therapy has been the best investment we have ever made as a couple. Janette is gracious and friendly, and makes us feel like our problems are normal! Since starting with her 5 months ago, our ability to communicate to each other and truly feel comfortable talking about our problems as a couple has increased tremendously.

Gone are the silly fights over nothing because we now are finally able to discuss our real problems and come to conclusions and have dialogue as a team. We are getting married in August and the future has never looked brighter!"

"I sought the professional services of Minneapolis Therapy and Marriage Counseling because of my mother’s increasing dementia. I wanted the help of a professional for advice and guidance and so as not to burden friends and family.

My experience with Dr. Ayd has been exceptional.

Her experience in the field of dementia care and cognitive psychology has been fundamental to my improved sense of well being and ability to cope. Dr. Ayd’s office environment is comfortable, pleasant and inviting, as is her style and personality. I highly recommend Ayd & Cavanagh, LLC."

"Since, I can remember I have always felt “bluer” than the average person.

I have struggled with depression all my life, and when I turned 30, I finally decided I did not want to live the rest of my life like the previous 30. Like you, I leafed through my medical company’s in-network providers, and as fate would have it, I decided to call Minneapolis Therapy and Marriage Counseling.

I made an appointment with Janette for the next evening, and my life has not been the same since.

Janette is very warm, open and attentive, and her office is just as welcoming as she is. She has terrific insight and knowledge on all matters dealing with behavioral health. I found that after I left my sessions with her, I felt revitalized, like the huge black cloud that hung over me had finally started to let some light through. The combination of therapy with Janette and prescription medication for depression completely changed my life. I cannot express in words how much better I feel now. I wish I would have made the decision to seek help years ago."

"I have been blessed to have Janette as my therapist. I was so comfortable with her right away and that feeling has grown stronger. I believe there are many times when we are led to certain people. In my faith we call that being led by the Holy Spirit. After our last session I wanted to say how Janette honed in on my issue without my saying much. I hope she stays active in her profession for many years. She has the skill and heart to help many people."

"I have had a four year battle with depression. Until I received therapy from Janette my condition failed to improve.

I have kept comprehensive records using the Burns index as a guide and can prove conclusively the healing effect of her therapy.

She has given me a number of tips that have helped to mediate the effects of depression. According to the Burns index my depression is gone. What more do you want?"

"I am and have been a client of Janette Ayd for several years ~ sometimes more intense, sometimes as "maintenance". The frequency of my appointments seem to reflect the ebb and flow of my life.

Therapy helps me keep 'things' in perspective. Complex and embarrassing things, loss, even the bad choices I have made.

When I feel overwhelmed her wisdom and patience give me balance. I often share how I reacted to a situation and ask for feedback. This has become my personal gauge as to how well I am doing in my decision making.

I feel the non-clinical environment makes it easier for me to relax and share ~ ~ to listen and learn."

Signed ~ I'm liking me!

"Me and my wife saw two different therapists before we met with Dr. Ayd, but we immediately clicked with her.  We liked how she was a mature person and had experience.  She "got us" as a couple and we trusted she knew what she was doing from the beginning of our first therapy appointment."

We were having difficulty in our marriage and were at a point we didn't know if we would make it.  Janette helped us see that our relationship was based on love. And we were off course. We didn't spend enough time together after having kids and two careers. We bickered over small things. But we are learning to be mindful and not reactive. We're doing better and are continuing our work with Janette. She's good and really funny.